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Dear Chairman Cox:


It has come to my attention, that as a result of continued start and stop pattern of COVID-19 restrictions, the County of San Diego will continue to limit access to certain services provided to veterans and the community through their local veterans’ posts. Local veterans’ posts play a key role in providing a numbers of services.


Veterans’ posts are vital to the health and well-being of our County’s veterans and the community. During these stressful times, every aspect of support for those who have served our nation should be considered. 


These veterans service organizations provide essential and vital services to their membership, families, as well as the community at large. Because of their prior military service, they are quick to organize and respond in emergencies and are used to operating in difficult times and conditions.


For veterans, they provide onsite traditional veterans services as well as being a refuge for our veterans who have suffered the physical and mental wounds of war.


Veterans services include helping veterans file claims with the federal Veterans Administration and the state, as well as providing transportation to and from medical appointments, pharmacy medication deliveries and food deliveries for disabled and senior veterans.


For the surrounding community they are often the hub and location for numerous services to the community.


During emergencies and crises, they can and have in the past, acted in support of police, fire and first responders in San Diego County often as staging areas. They have also served as Red Cross emergency centers and cooling stations.


Many of them have their own emergency communications systems via the ham radio network. These are just some of the services these posts provide to their members and to their communities.


Many of these posts are facing financial ruin having been closed for over 6 months.  The fact that they have a liquor license should not be used as a reason to classify them as bars. These are membership organizations, not the VFW or American Legion Bar & Grill.


With San Diego County being home to more military and veterans than any other county in California, it is imperative that these posts be allowed to resume normal activities now and eliminate the restriction upon these vital posts.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. If I can answer any questions, you can contact me at: 619-356-8263.




Joel Anderson

Senator (Ret.)


cc:  Honorable Dianne Jacob, San Diego County Supervisor

       Honorable Kristin Gaspar, San Diego County Supervisor

       Honorable Nathan Fletcher, San Diego County Supervisor

       Honorable Jim Desmond, San Diego County Supervisor

       Ed Grimsley, Commander, American Legion, Department of California

       John Lowe, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of  California

       David Black, Commander, American Veterans (AMVETS), Department of California

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